Sunday service snapshot

Our Sunday service begins at 10am. 

Doors open 15 minutes before service.

  • Before the Service

    Arrive early and grab some coffee or hot chocolate and a snack in our cafe area. Pick up a small gift and some free resorces at our Guest Services counter. A volunteer will be there to help you sign in your kids and direct you to their appropriate classroom. The kids area opens for check-in 15 minutes prior to the start of our 10am service.

  • The Music

    We devote the first 20 minutes of our service to singing God focused songs that proclaim the truth of the Bible and lead us to focus on God and be reminded of the good news of the gospel.

  • The Message

    We believe the Bible is God's word to us. It helps us come to know God better and understand how we can fulfill our purpose. That's why we devote 30-35 minutes of our 1 hr service to teaching from the Bible.

  • Beyond the Service

    We have designed South Coast Church with you in mind. When you're ready to find out more, we want you to swing by our Guest Services table. We've got a small gift for you and are ready to answer your questions and help you take your next step.