Sunday service snapshot

Our service begins at 9:30. 

Doors open 15 minutes before service..

  • Before the Service

    Arrive early and stop by our welcome table if you have any questions or need a mask. A volunteer will be there to help. Then head on inside to grab a seat. Be sure to properly wear your mask at all times while inside the building and practice social distancing of 6 feet. If you are with your family, please sit together without any empty seats.

  • South Coast Kids

    On a typical Sunday our kids have their own lesson, songs, and activities but for the time being all kids will join their parents in the main service. Families can email to pre-register for a limited number of family tables that will be set up with activities for kids to work on while they sit with their family during the service. 

  • The Music

    We devote the first 20 minutes of our service to singing God focused songs that proclaim the truth of the Bible and lead us to focus on God and be reminded of the good news of the gospel.

  • The Message

    We believe the Bible is God's word to us. It helps us come to know God better and understand how we can fulfill our purpose. That's why we devote 35-40 minutes of our 1 hr service to teaching from the Bible.

  • Beyond the Service

    Our Sunday worship services are only one aspect of South Coast Church. In addition to our Sunday gatherings, Small Groups and Equipping Classes play a vital role in our mission of helping people know and follow Jesus. Contact to find one near you.

Here are some steps we are taking

and some steps we are asking you to take

to make our environment as safe as possible for everyone

1.     Properly worn masks will be required for entry and throughout the service. (The only exceptions are the speaker          and worship leader while they are leading). *Masks will be available at our guest services table outside for those              who forgot to bring their own. 

  •  For your safety a plexiglass sheet has been installed in front of the stage since the leaders will not have masks while speaking.

2.     Make sure to stop by one of our sanitizer stations on your way into the building(we will have a sanitizer station          at the entrance and one inside in the gathering area).

3.     Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from anyone not in your family. (Families are encouraged to sit together                and do not need to distance from each other but need to be 6 feet away from others). 

4.     No childcare or kids classes will be provided at this time but the nursery will be available for any mothers and              children who need it but it will not be staffed.

5.     The upstairs kids class will be turned into overflow seating to accommodate more people while still social                  distancing. The service will be streamed on the TV.

6.     A few tables will be set up in the sanctuary and in the overflow room upstairs with kids activities on them so              families with children can worship together. *Tables must be reserved by emailing            prior to Sunday and are on a first come, first served basis. 

7.     Multiple air purifiers will be running constantly throughout the service to continue circulating and purifying the air.

8.     Food and drinks will not be served and please refrain from bringing food into the building. 

9.     Please refrain from congregating inside the building before or after the service.

10.   Before you come to South Coast on a Sunday ask yourself the following two questions and if the answer to                either of these questions is "yes" then please stay at home and participate in our service online through our                livestream at

  • Am I or anyone else in my household showing symptoms of COVID?

               - fever

               - chills

               - sore throat

               - shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

               - body aches

               - headache

               - recent loss of taste and/or smell


  • Have I or anyone in my household had contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID within the past 14 days?